API Reference: Version v4 (old)

Important Notice

You are currently viewing the API reference for PIM/DAM version v4. Please be aware that this is not the most recent version. If you are in the process of coding a new script or updating an existing one, we strongly advise considering the upgrade to version v5. The latest version offers enhanced performance and additional multilingual support, providing a more efficient and versatile user experience.

Base URL Structure

Every endpoint in this API is prefixed with "/api_1.php". The base URL for making API requests is constructed by appending the endpoint to the domain of your PIM. Here is a general structure of the base URL:


Authentication & Authorization

Ensure that proper authentication and authorization mechanisms are in place while making requests to the API.
Refer to the "API Authentication" section in the developer documentation for detailed instructions on how to authenticate your API requests.


This documentation is pertinent to version v4 of the API.

API Endpoints

Detailed information on various endpoints, including their functionality, accepted parameters, request and response formats, HTTP methods, and status codes, will be available in subsequent sections of this documentation.

Recommendations for Upgrading:

Upgrading to version v5 will be beneficial for achieving optimized results in your operations.

The enhanced performance and multilingual capabilities of version v5 stand out as significant improvements that will contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of your tasks.