HTTP & Security

  • Quable PIM Webhook Notification Service do not allow to be IP restricted (white or black listing)
  • Every http call sent by the service is using secure http protocol (https) and the HTTP verb POST


In order your system to identity the Quable Webhook Notification Service, you can specify the authorization header content that will be sent within each POST in the configuration form.
This is not mandatory.

Thus, you can specify a static bearer or any other information in order to identify Quable Webhook Service

HTTP Response & Retry management

While Quable Webhook Notification Service send its call to your system, it is waiting for a 2XX HTPP response code.
Any other HTTP response code will be considered as a failure and a retry will be done.

  • 2 retrys maximum are sent
  • each retry is made in the next 5 minutes
  • The SSL certificate shall be valid