Welcome to Quable PIM API References & Cookbooks


Welcome to Quable PIM's Application Programming Interface (API) guide. You can use the Quable PIM API to programmatically add, manage, and retrieve information from Quable PIM.

This guide is intended to help developers find the best scenarios for working with Quable PIM via an API. In it, you'll find:

API References

2 versions of the API exist.
The management of tokens and authentication allows to use these 2 APIs in parallel within the same script, if needed.
The latest version is obviously the most up-to-date. However, it does not necessarily contain all the methods for each resource.
You can find more information here and the reference guides in the menu on the left


A collection of code examples to help you automate tasks and manage your Quable PIM content:


Find simple code examples that will allow you to perform simple actions via API or to better understand their uses.

Webhooks documentation

Find how to configure webhooks in order to listen for events and receive notifications so you can automatically trigger reactions.


Integrate external applications into your Quable PIM and allow a seamless integration within Quable