Welcome to Quable PIM's Application Programming Interface (API) guide. You can use the Quable PIM API to programmatically add, manage, and retrieve information from Quable PIM.

This guide is intended to help developers find the best scenarios for working with Quable PIM via an API. The scripts collected here make it easy to automate tasks and manage your Quable PIM content.

Quable PIM's API is organized on REST (Representational State Transfer) principles. Its REST API endpoints are resource-centric and use HTTP protocol to access and act upon them.

Data format

JSON is the only format supported by the REST API at this time.

This means that data retrieved through the REST API will be in JSON format. And if you need to create or update data using the REST API, you will also need to use the JSON format.

HTTP Headers

  • application/json (v4 & v5)
  • application/ld+json (v5)
  • application/hal+json (v5)

HTTP Verbs/Methods

The Quable PIM API supports common HTTP verbs/methods:

  • GET: Retrieve the representation of a single resource or a list of resources (v4 & v5)
  • POST: Create an instance of a resource (v4)
  • PUT: Partially update an existing resource (v4)
  • DELETE: Delete an instance of a resource (v4)



You can find our Postman collection - here.


Depending on your contract and the volume of API calls, you may receive responses with the HTTP code 429. In this case, your applications must reduce the number of calls or wait a few seconds before resuming calls.