Account Profile

Your account profile includes basic information about you as a user, such as your name, login information, and location. It also allows you to enable language options and email notifications. It's accessible from the top left corner of every page.



Log Out

This is also where you can logout when you're done enriching your product information for the day.

Click on your user name to open the My Account dialog


User accounts are created and managed by Quable PIM administrators, however you can modify the information in the following sections.

Profile Photo

The default setting for your profile icon is your initials (the first letter of your first and last names). You can click the Edit My Picture button to open a window from which you can select an image from your computer or network to use as your profile photo.



If you need to update your last name or prefer to use a different first name, modify the information in Last Name and First Name.


Account Login

At any time, you can update your login information by updating Email and Password.


Security Note

If you change your email address, be sure to update your password too (even if you use the same password). Failure to do so could result in disabling your access and you'd need to request a new password.

Interface Language

This is the language you see in the menus, buttons, and other elements that use text to provide information or direction to the user via the Quable PIM interface.

By default, the language depends on the location indicated by your web browser. This means that if you're using Quable PIM from:

  • France - the default language is French.
  • Any other country - the default language is English.

You can change this setting to view the interface in any of the following languages:

French - English - Spanish - Polish - Russian - Japanese - Romanian - German - Mandarin - Italian - Dutch


Data language VS Interface language

Don't confuse Interface Language with Data Language.

  • Interface Language = interface elements (menus, buttons, etc.).
  • Data Language = your product information (data).

Time Zone

The time zone affects how time and date information is recorded and displayed in Quable PIM. You can update your Time Zone.

Enable Notifications

You can enable or disable notifications via email by checking or unchecking Email Notification for Alerts.