The Downloads page is where you can download export files generated from actions throughout your Quable PIM, such as exports of:

The page includes a quick search bar, a list of files to download (if any), and action buttons that become enabled when a file is selected.


Search Files

To run a search, type at least three characters of the file's name in the search bar.

If you'd like to further refine your search, you can enter or select the file's date of generation in the Generated On option.


You can easily select the current date by clicking the Today button.


The list will display fewer and fewer results as you continue to enter text in the search bar until nothing matches.

Dowload Files

To download a file, select the file to download and click the Download button. The file automatically downloads to your computer.

Remove Files

To remove a file, select the file to remove and click the Remove button. The file is permanently deleted from your Quable PIM.



This action is irreversible. Once a file has been removed, it can't be recovered.