Organize and manage assignments for your PIM content!

Tasks allow you to ensure the continuous enrichment of your PIM content. You can receive and assign actions to be carried out via the View My Tasks button on the dashboard.



For your information

Quable PIM automatically creates a Widget to display your tasks on the dashboard.

Accessing Tasks

You can access the tasks page from the dashboard by clicking on the tasks widget. From this page, you can view all the tasks assigned to you and/or create and assign tasks to others. An indicator at the top left informs you about the number of tasks available on the page.



Be informed

If a task is assigned to you, you will receive a notification which you can click to open the task.


Linked Document

You can also access tasks directly linked to a document from the task tab on the document page.


A color associated with tasks defines their status, depending on their level of completion.


At the beginning of each task, this color code provides an instant indication of the task's status.

  • Green - New tasks
  • Yellow - Tasks in progress
  • Blue - Completed tasks
  • Gray - Archived tasks


Tasks categories (defined by a Quable PIM administrator) are used to organize tasks. Whether they're related to a service, a step in your workflow, or another topic, they help you manage and prioritize your tasks.


When a task is created with an urgent importance level, a distinctive indicator on the tasks page allows it to be instantly recognized among others.

Filter Tasks

At the top of the Tasks page, there is a bar with filter selectors in the form of dropdown menus:

You can filter the tasks to display by status, category, created by, and/or assigned to. Select the filter values from the dropdown menu list. The list will automatically filter, and the active filters will be displayed in the selectors. Click the cross to remove the filter.


Create Tasks

You can create tasks from the Tasks page or from the Tasks tab of a document by clicking the Create Task button.

A New Task window opens.


Please enter the following information:

SubjectEnter the subject of the task. It will be displayed at the top of the task when opened.
Link Document (optional)Link the task to a specific document. If you create the task from a document, the task is automatically linked to the document.
CategorySelect a task category.
Assigned toSelect the user or role responsible for managing the task.
UrgentSet the task's importance level (Normal or Urgent).
Message (optional)Add additional comments.

Once all information is entered, click the Create button to distribute the task or the Cancel button to abandon task creation.

Managing Tasks

To manage a task from the task page, click on the desired task to open it. A green "new" label at the top right indicates the status of the task.


Accessing the Linked Document

To access the document linked to the task, click on its name, and you will be automatically redirected to the document.


Change Category

You can change the task's category by clicking on Task Category and selecting it from the list of categories. The update takes effect immediately.


Change Recipient

To assign the task to someone else, click on the Assigned to section and select the new user from the dropdown list. The task is immediately reassigned.

Start a Task

When you're ready to start working on a task, click the Start Task button. This changes the task status to In Progress, and the task creator receives a notification.

Send a Message

You can send a message to the task creator by writing in the Comments section and clicking the Comment button. If the task is not yet In Progress, this changes its status to In Progress, and the task creator receives a notification.


Resolve Tasks

When you have completed a task, click the Resolve Task button. This changes the task status to Resolved, and the task creator receives a notification.


Return a Task for Revision

After the task has been moved to Resolved Task, you have the option to return it to the recipient for revision by clicking Start Task. This changes the task status to In Progress, and the task creator receives a notification.

Archive Tasks

When a task you have assigned is resolved, you can archive it by clicking the Archive button. This changes the task status to Archived.