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Quable Apps are subscription-based options.

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In 2023, Quable decided to improve the connectivity of its PIM with the Quable App Store.

This catalog, available in the PIM, shows you the different ways to connect your PIM to its ecosystem. Whether it's through installable features, or through more personalized advice, you can connect your tools to your PIM and improve your processes through the App Store.

All these solutions are presented on the App Store homepage. Choose a solution and click on "More information" to be redirected to its explanation page.
On this page you can see a more complete description of the solution, with pictures or videos, information about the author and how to implement the solution.

3 categories of solutions are proposed to you :


Cookbooks are step-by-step guides that explain how to connect your PIM to a specific tool such as an ERP, an ETL or even some DAM.
These cookbooks are made by our teams or those of our integrator partners, based on their experience in the field, to detail the steps to take in order to connect the most specific tools to your PIM.

In the detail page of a cookbook solution, click on the "documentation" button to reach the cookbook (if it is self-service) or click on "contact us" to set up an appointment with our expert who will be able to redirect you to the best solutions available.


The "connectors" are advanced functionalities that we develop following an observation of a strong need between our product and an external solution. Developed by Quable and often in collaboration with the solution's editors, these "connectors" offer functionalities studied for the needs of our users, and a fluid connectivity between the PIM and the external solution.
*Example: Textmaster is an advanced translation solution that we have been offering for several years, which can be perfectly integrated into your PIM and used entirely from there.

In the details page of a solution in the "connector" category, you can open the documentation of the functionality, or contact us to set up an appointment with our expert who will be able to inform you about the implementation of the functionality.

Quable Apps

We pay a lot of attention to our customers' needs, but sometimes some of these needs are too specific for us to address. We have therefore created Quable Apps
Quable Apps are additional functionalities, developed by our teams, by our partners, or directly by our customers, that meet specific needs and that can be used on certain pages of the PIM (and progressively of Quable products).
*Example: The Quable App "CraftMyPDF" allows you to use templates created on CraftMyPDF, to print product sheets from the PIM Advanced Search or directly from a product sheet.

The small plus of these applications is that they can be developed at your request, by your teams or via our partners, in order to meet your own needs! If you are interested, do not hesitate to click on the "contact us" button to make an appointment with our expert so that he can accompany you in solving your needs.


The catalog is brand new and will be filled with more and more solutions of all kinds and new features. Don't hesitate to make an appointment with our expert for more information and watch our news in 2023 to keep up to date with what's new!