Tags display steps or states in which your documents are located. They allow you to instantly highlight relevant information about the status of your documents and easily visualize any actions to be taken. They are located on the top roght corner of the document pages. When a tag is displayed, the document either requires intervention from the contributor or is in a relevant state from which actions can be taken.

The Tags page allows you to create and manage your document tags.


The page displays the following information:

  • Attached to - The object the tag is applied to.
  • Name - Name of the tag.
  • Document Type - Document type using the tag.
  • Default - Indicates if the tag is a default tag.
  • Description - Text to describe the tag.

Create Tag

To create a tag, click the New Tag button. A form is displayed to define the tag.


The form is divided into two sections: Information and Rules. These are described in detail below.

When you've completed the sections, click the Create button to save the tag or the Return link to cancel the creation of the new tag.


This section is used to distinguish each tag and its settings.


Enter the following information:

Name The name of the tag.Yes
Code This is automatically generated by Quable PIM when you click in the Code entry area.

Note: The auto-generated code can be modified only during tag creation.
Description Text to describe the tag.No
Document TypeThe type of document that will use the tag.

Note: This can be modified only during tag creation.
ColorSelect a color to identify the tag.Yes


This section is used to designate which attributes for the selected document type to take into account to automatically generate the tag. For example, you can create a rule adding a tag to any document where the numerical field "shoe size" has a value between "35" and "46".

You can designate a tag to be applied by default, by enabling the Default tag option. Note: If selected, specific rules can not be applied to the tag.


To create a rule, click the Add an Attribute button. Select an attribute from the first dropdown list, then specify the conditions that must be met.

To remove a rule, click the "-" icon next to the rule.



A rule on a Multiple predefined value list attribute will be validated when:

  • at least one of its predefined values complies with the rule's conditions, and
  • that value is selected (even if other values that don't comply with the rule conditions are also selected).



Tags based on textual conditions will be evaluated according to the default locale configured in Quable PIM.

Edit Tags

To edit a tag, select a tag on the Tags page and click on the Edit icon . The form for the selected tag is displayed.

When you've completed your modifications, click the Save button to save your changes or the Return link to exit the form without saving any changes.

Delete Tags

To delete a tag, select a tag on the Tags page and click the Delete icon. A dialog is displayed to cancel or confirm the deletion.




Deleting a tag permanently removes it from Quable PIM and will no longer be able shown in your documents.