Making sure you know what's happening!

Quable PIM alerts you about important PIM events with a notification icon. It is available in the top right of every page.


A number is displayed on the notification icon to indicate new and/or unread notifications.


Notification Types

The following notification types are found here:

  • News - Internal announcements and messages

  • Account changes (Administrator profiles only) - Actions that have been performed on your account profile

  • Tasks - Actions on documents that have been assigned to you

  • Translations - Translations ready to be made and exported

  • Bulk Updates - The status of mass edits on documents

  • Exports - Export files ready for download

  • Information and/or surveys from your friends at Quable PIM

Accessing Notifications

When you click on the notification icon, you have two options:

  • See everything - Displays the Notifications page, where you can view your notifications and filter them by type.

  • Mark all as read - Sets the status of all notifications as read and removes the number from the notification icon.

Filtering Notifications

After clicking the See everything option, the Notifications page is displayed.


At the top of the page, a bar with a series of tabs is displayed.


The bar displays:

  • The total number of notifications (read and unread)
  • Tabs to filter the notification types displayed. Click on a tab to display only notifications of that type. The All tab is selected by default.
  • Options to mark notifications as read, and/or delete them. When you click on Options, two choices are presented: Mark all notifications as read and Option to delete notifications.
    • Clicking on Option to delete notifications opens a dialog to deactivate automatic deletion of notifications after 30 days. Click on the activate icon followed by the Apply button to turn off automatic deletion. Click the Close button to exit the the dialog without changing the setting.

Notification Details

Click on Show (on the far right of each notification) to access the content associated with the notification type.


Show will have different results depending on the notification type.

Notification TypeShow Action
NewsThe notification is marked as read and the News page is displayed.
Account (Administrator profiles only)The notification is marked as read and the account profile page is displayed.
TasksThe notification is marked as read and the Tasks page is displayed.
TranslationsThe notification is marked as read and the document (in translation mode) or the TextMaster project is displayed.
Bulk UpdatesThe notification is marked as read.
ExportsThe notification is marked as read and the export file downloads.
Quable PIM notificationThe notification is marked as read and the message or survey is displayed in a new window.