Keys / Values

The Keys/Values page allows you to define specific key-value pairs to personalize your Quable PIM content. They allow Quable PIM to quickly and easily store, retrieve, and update your data according to your specifications.

Key-value pairs are automatically applied when users perform actions that call them (e.g., printing a document). They consist of two data elements:

  • Key - a unique identifier for a distinct value.
  • Value - the data for the key

Keys/Values Page

The Keys/Values page is where you can define and manage the key-value pairs for your Quable PIM. The page includes a brief description of the feature, a link to this documentation page, and a list of existing key-value pairs, if any.

  • If no key-value pairs have been created yet, a Create Key/Value button is displayed in both the Existing Key/values list and the top right corner of the page.

  • If key-value pairs have already been created, a list is displayed with: the Key, its Value, and the key-value pair's security. The Create Key/Value button is only displayed in the top right corner of the page. At the end of each line are icons to Edit or Delete the key-value pair.


Create Key / Value

To create a key-value pair, click the Create Key/Value button. The New Key/Value form is displayed:


Configure Key/ Value

This section is used to define the visibility of each key-value pair and its identity.


Enter the following information:

SecurityDefines the key-value pair access:

  • Public - The key/value pair is accessible via API without a token.
  • Protected - Only administrators can update the key/value pair.
KeyThe key.

Note: Keys should be brief and descriptive so you can easily identify them and their purpose.

Define Value

This section is used to define the value of the key-value pair. You can enter any kind of text.


Edit Key / Value

You can modify a key-value pair by selecting one from the Existing Key/Values list and clicking its Edit icon.


The Edit Key/Value page is displayed. When you've finished making modifications, click the Save button to save your changes or the Return link (at the top of the form) to return to the Key/Values page without saving the changes.

Delete Key / Value

There are two ways to delete a key-value pair. Select a key-value pair in the Existing Key/Values list on the Key/Values page and:

  • click on its Delete icon or
  • click the Edit icon to open the Edit Key/Value form and click the Delete button.

A dialog is displayed to cancel or confirm the deletion.




Deleting a key-value pair is irreversible. Once deleted, it can't be recovered.

Quable-specific Key / Value

PDF Product Sheets

Two key-value pairs are required to configure the headers and footers for your PDF Product Sheets:

ElementKey / ValueDescription
Headerprint_logoThe URL to the logo of your company. It will be displayed on the top left of the PDF.
Footerprint_copyrightThe name of your company as you want it to appear in the footer.