Classifications are the groups of your documents and assets that have been defined in your Quable PIM. You can access your classifications from your Home page via:

  • Navigation Menu - To access all of the product or asset classifications.

  • Classifications - Select a classification to open the selected product or asset classification.

  • + See all - To view all of the product or asset classifications.


The assets for classifications are defined in your Quable PIM.

Navigating Classifications

You can navigate through the classifications for both products and assets by:

  • clicking directly on the images or
  • via the hierarchy on the left by expanding and collapsing the various levels and sub-levels. You can expand a level and display its sub-levels by clicking on the arrow next to the classification title. Individual products or assets (the lowest level of a classification) are indicated by folder icons


At any time, you can navigate:

  • between pages via the pagination at the bottom of the page.
  • backwards via the breadcrumbs or the Back button.

Filtering Attributes

You can filter items in your classification by applying filters on attributes:

Select the attribute you want to filter by from the dropdown menu, and determine the values for your filter. Only product cards related to the filter will appear in your classification.

The applied filters are displayed as interactive tokens below the dropdown menu.


Combining Filters

You can combine multiple filters together to further refine the results in your classification.


Scope of Filters

Filters apply only to document attributes. The attributes of your media as well as your variants are not available for filtering within classification filters.

Classifications Page

Both options open the Classifications page which displays all of your product or asset classifications.


You can continue navigating until you reach the lowest level of a classification. From here, you can view and access all of the documents or assets within the classification.


Switch Document Type

If your product classifications contain multiple document types, you can switch between them by clicking on the button for the document type you want to view. The number of products is displayed next to the document type name.


View Options

By clicking on the view icons, you can view the products/assets as a:

  • Mosaic (default): The cart and favorites icons appear when you pass the cursor over the asset.
  • List: For each product/asset, icons are available to add it to your cart or your favorites.

Display Count

You can choose to display 20, 40, or 100 products or assets at a time. If there are no products or assets in the classification, a No results message is displayed.


Sort Options

The products or assets in the classification can be sorted by selecting from the Sort dropdown list:


You can sort the results by:

Sort OptionDescription
Newest (default)The products or assets are displayed in order of their creation date. The most recently created appear first.
UpdatedThe products or assets are displayed in order of their modification date. The most recently updated appear first.


The lowest level of a classification is paginated and indicates the number of pages available. You can easily navigate between pages by clicking on the direction arrows.