Usage tracking

This administration page empowers you to oversee the usage of your PIM and the data that may affect your billing. It provides you with precise information to monitor your PIM usage based on your plan and contract. Should you require guidance in expanding your offerings, your Quable CSM advisor is at your service to provide assistance.


In the Usage section, you'll find data that may impact your billing (based on the plan you've chosen and your contract). The actual/contractual ratio changes color based on its status. In the example above:

  • The actual number of users is less than the contracted and planned amount (displayed in green).
  • The number of languages matches the contracted and planned quantity exactly (displayed in yellow).
  • The number of document types exceeds the contracted and planned quantity (displayed in red).

Indeed, it is possible to exceed the initially agreed-upon quantity in your contract or plan, and this excess will be reflected in your billing.

Use to date

The "Usage to Date" section allows you to track the number of documents, variants, classifications, and much more! This enables you to precisely monitor and, if needed, derive metrics from the use of your PIM. The collection and update of this data occur daily overnight.

Information on Exceedance

When adding elements that may exceed the limits specified in the contract and plan, Quable PIM instantly notifies you from the homepage.

A pop-up informs you of potential implications on your billing and provides direct access to the usage tracking page to monitor the data and usage associated with the exceedance. This notification gives you the opportunity to make an informed decision with full awareness.