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Welcome to Quable Education, a page dedicated to giving you all the resources to work better with Quable products.


Video tutorials

By clicking on this box, you are redirected to a page listing video tutorials explaining how to make the best use of PIM. You can then find very short videos (Quick Looks) showing how to perform simple tasks on the PIM, as well as longer videos (Closer Looks and Tutorials) to take some time to understand how to use Quable products.
These videos have been categorized according to the types of features that are explained, whether they are intended for administrators or for all users. Some are available in French, English or both!


Feel free to visit our Youtube channel to see all our videos and learn more about Quable:

Quable Documentation

You are currently using it, the Quable documentation evolves with our products to answer your questions and explain our functionalities as precisely as possible.


Are you having trouble using one of our features and haven't saved the Quable documentation link to your favorites? Go to the Quable Education page of your PIM and click on the "Quable Documentation" box to be redirected. *As a reminder, some PIM pages have a blue tutorial box that can redirect you directly to the documentation page you are looking for.


News Center

Quable News Center allows you to find all our news: Release notes, which warn you of the latest product evolutions and bug fixes, the latest videos released, articles or Webinars. Feel free to visit this page by clicking on the "News Center" box on the Quable Education page to stay connected with Quable.


Quable FAQ

And sometimes, when all the previous resources were not sufficient or unfortunately incomplete, you use our Chat service to ask us questions about the use of our products and we thank you for that. These questions allow us to identify shortcomings in our resource materials, as well as features that are not easy enough to use, so that we can continually improve our products and services.
We have collected the best and most frequently asked questions in the Quable Frequently Asked Questions, accessible by clicking on the "Quable FAQ" box on the Quable Education page.